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How to sell EKOenergy?

Green piggy bank with EKOenergy logo to represent EKOenergy's Climate FundElectricity suppliers can sell EKOenergy labelled electricity to consumers

  1. if they have signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement and
  2. if they fulfil all requirements of that Licence Agreement and of the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’.

Signing the Licence Agreement is free of cost. EKOenergy fees and contributions are based on volumes of EKOenergy sold.

The criteria listed in the Licence Agreement and in the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’ deal with the following aspects:

  • The consumers have to be properly informed about the origin and type of the electricity (Chapter 6 of the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’)
  • EKOenergy is renewable electricity. Besides, it fulfils the sustainability criteria set by the EKOenergy Network, and a part of the electricity price goes to the EKOenergy Climate Fund (Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’)
  • Tracking and avoidance of double counting (Chapter 10 of the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’)
  • Auditing and verification (Chapter 11 of the text ‘EKOenergy – Network and label’)

  Download our ‘EKOenergy brand book’ (pdf, 10 pages, version June 2015)