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How to buy EKOenergy

In a growing number of countries, consumers can freely choose which type of electricity they buy, and from which supplier. We encourage consumers to go for electricity with the EKOenergy label!

How to choose EKOenergy?

  • Contact one of our licensed sellers.
  • If there is no seller in your country yet, tell your local electricity supplier that you want to buy EKOenergy.
  • Fill the contact form, we will give your contact data to the EKOenergy supplier in your country. If there is no EKOenergy supplier yet, your interest may help to convince suppliers to start selling EKOenergy.
  • If you have any doubt, questions or suggestions, contact the EKOenergy Secretariat.

Choosing EKOenergy is:

  • easy
  • not expensive (on the liberalised market, ‘not choosing’, or going for the standard supplier and the standard product, is often more expensive)
  • your way to show that you care about the planet’s future
  • a clear signal to producers and politicians that this is the sort of electricity they have to invest in.