Advisory group

The members of the Advisory Group can give input on any issue related to EKOenergy. They are regularly informed about the Board’s agenda. The Board has to respond within two months to comments and questions of the members of the Advisory Group.

Members of the Advisory Group give advice as experts and in their own name, not in the name of their organisation or employer.

  • Esther Bailleul, Renewable energy and communication expert, France
  • Steve Baynes, Student, Canada & Finland
  • Christian Breyer, Professor Solar Energy, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland and Germany
  • Costanza Boggiano Pico, former “100% energia verde” label, Italy
  • Jules Chuang, 莊昇勳, Mt.Stonegate Asset Management Ltd, Taiwan.
  • Jean-Francois Fauconnier, CAN Europe
  • Jan Janssen, CO2logic, Belgium
  • Heikki Junes, Ph.D., Finland and Sweden
  • Tomás García, BayWa r.e. Projects España S.L.U.
  • Olga Gerasimenko, Student, Russia and Finland
  • Jorge Gonzalez, Gesternova, Spain
  • Tom Lindberg, ECOHZ, Norway
  • Teemu Kettunen, Independent Energy expert, Finland
  • Sarianna Mankki,, Finland
  • Jaume Margarit, Asociación de productores de energías renovables (APPA), Spain
  • Erki Milistver, Country director, Nordic Green Energy, Finland
  • Fabiola Nardò, Student, Italy
  • Julia Pösl, Bischoff & Ditze, Germany
  • Pep Puig I Boix, Energy expert, Spain
  • Alexander Quarles, Climate Friendly, Netherlands
  • Stefan Schaa, Energy expert, Projects in Motion, Malta
  • Jenni Vainioranta, The Consumers’ Union of Finland
  • Willem Van den Bossche, BirdLife Europe
  • Michael Weber, South Pole Group, Germany

Welcome on board

Do you want to help us with your expertise? Do you want to follow our development from the front row? Join the Advisory Group. Contact the Secretariat for more information.