Finnish consumers embrace EKOenergy

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Finlayson and Espoon Asunnot switch to EKOenergy!

Finlayson is one of the pioneers and pillars of Finnish industrialisation.  Soon after its creation in 1820, Finlayson became the largest industrial enterprise in Northern Europe. In 1882, the Finlayson weaving hall was also the first place in the Nordic countries to have electric lights. Today, the company is a frontrunner once more. They are now using EKOenergy certified electricity for their activities in Finland and Sweden. Read the news about Finlayson’s switch to EKOenergy here (in Finnish).

« We buy now wind energy from Finland and Denmark, provided to us by Nordic Green Energy. When we made the EKOenergy certified electricity contract, we were surprised that we wouldn’t pay more. On the contrary, we are now paying less. »

Finlayson is a well respected, quality brand. We are very proud to have this frontrunner on our side! Looking forward to working together in Finland, as well as in other counties where Finlayson is active.

Espoon Asunnot made the switch too. Espoon Asunnot is a company owned by the City of Espoo, Finland’s second largest city. They own and manage over 15.000 apartments all over Espoo and build about 300 new residences each year. Together, about 30,000 people live in a residence of Espoon Asunnot. Click here for Espoon Asunnot’s press release (in Finnish).

Customer is King : EKOenergy on television

Last week, the very popular Finnish TV show Kuningaskuluttaja (Customer is king in English), did a show focussing on energy. They broadcasted an interview with Riku Eskelinen, Program manager of EKOenergy. Riku talked about sustainability criteria and about how EKOenergy is a not-for-profit initiative that helps consumers navigate the complex electricity market.

You can rewatch the program here. The interview about EKOenergy starts at 5:50 (In Finnish)