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Why Buy EKOenergy?

Why buy EKOenergy labelled energy?

There are many reasons to buy EKOenergy. Here we address a few.

As an energy consumer you are not an outsider to the energy transition. When you buy renewable energy, you do not contribute to the burning of fossil fuels and you signal to the market your demand for green energy. Using EKOenergy labelled electricity is a way to go much further, for both companies and households alike.

The ecolabel makes it easy for you to find an electricity product that has minimum impact on the environment. It brings additional sustainability criteria to the sector and helps individuals contribute to new clean energy projects.

The ecolabel can be combined with all types of renewable energy sourcing: Traditional energy contracts including household electricity contracts, corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and on-site renewable energy installations can all carry the EKOenergy label.


EKOenergy for Climate and Nature

EKOenergy helps to fight climate change and protect biodiversity. EKOenergy labelled electricity and gas comes from installations that fulfil EKOenergy’s sustainability criteria. These criteria guarantee minimal impact on the local environment. In other words, EKOenergy only approves power plants that have minimum damage on the local ecosystem.

When you buy EKOenergy, you also help finance renewable energy projects in the developing world. For every megawatt hour (MWh) of EKOenergy labelled energy consumed, €0.10 (ten euro cents) goes to our Climate Fund. The fund finances projects aimed at alleviating energy poverty and providing sustainable energy production where it is needed most.

For each MWh of EKOenergy labelled hydropower sales, another €0.10 (10 euro cents) are reinvested in river restoration projects.


EKOenergy for Carbon Accounting

A fossil fuel plant, with wind turbine blades drawn around the cooling tower (making it into a wind turbine). Text: "we want an energy transition".
Greenhouse Gas Protocol, CDP and LEED encourage companies to do more than “simply buying green electricity”. EKOenergy is a way to do exactly this: taking extra steps in speeding up the worldwide transition to 100% renewable energy. Apart from the additional renewable energy projects supported through our Climate Fund, you also help the EKOenergy network promote climate friendly legislation and renewable energy worldwide.

For more information on international carbon accounting rules and about how EKOenergy fits very well in these, see our page on carbon accounting with EKOenergy.


EKOenergy for Communication

The ecolabel is a tool for companies and individuals to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy. Using the logo informs and encourages others to do the same. The EKOenergy logo is easily recognisable and is protected in different continents.

Buying EKOenergy labelled energy gives you the right to use the logo in your communications, marketing materials, products and facilities. The EKOenergy label is internationally recognised and used by a growing number of companies from various sectors.


EKOenergy for Additionality and Leadership

Leading companies in sustainability choose EKOenergy to go the extra mile. By using EKOenergy, you help the world transition to 100% renewable energy and inspire others with your commitment to sustainability. In 2018, six RE100 companies started using EKOenergy as part of their leadership in promoting renewable energy.

EKOenergy’s Climate Fund provides additionality by financing clean energy projects in the developing world to combat energy poverty. These projects address several Sustainable Development Goals and would not be possible without your support.

You also help EKOenergy as an environmental initiative to promote climate friendly legislation and to raise awareness of sustainability worldwide. Read more in EKOenergy for your company.

See EKOenergy’s success in the first five years by reading our five year report.

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