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Our logo in your communication

EKOenergy logo in different languages

EKOenergy’s logo and communication materials are available in many languages. EKOenergy licensees and users of EKOenergy ecolabelled energy can contact us at to get access to the files.

Products carrying EKOenergy logo

See more examples on EKOenergy Flickr.


EKOenergy logo on products and buildings

Companies can play a major role in encouraging others to commit to renewable energy. Using the EKOenergy logo on products, offices, websites and buildings can help inspire others. It also shows that you are using renewable energy that comes from the most eco-friendly installations. This helps to speed up the transition to a 100% renewable world. As many choose to use our internationally recognized EKOenergy logo, our network of positive energy is growing in many countries!

You can use the EKOenergy logo on:

  • Products
  • Your website
  • Marketing and communication materials
  • Buildings and facilities
  • Sustainability reports
  • Shops and offices

Join the international movement towards sustainable, renewable energy and become an EKOenergy user.

The use of EKOenergy logo

See more examples on EKOenergy Flickr.


Contact us

Contact the EKOenergy Secretariat if you would like our logo in other languages and formats for your communication. We encourage EKOenergy consumers to use the EKOenergy logo and are happy to help in various languages.


Brand book

Our licensed sellers and all EKOenergy consumers are welcome to use the EKOenergy name and logo. See the rules on how to communicate about EKOenergy in our brand book (pdf, 1.5 MB).