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The EKOenergy First Five Years report cover. A graphic with wind turbines, birds, trees, people installing solar panels and the EKOenergy label.

A growing network of positive energy

EKOenergy works to protect nature and fight climate change, in particular by helping energy consumers switch to 100 percent sustainable and renewable energy. Since our launch in 2013, we have come a long way. Our progress is detailed in our report: “EKOenergy’s First 5 years 2013 – 2018”.

We are promoting renewable energy worldwide, in our contacts with large energy consumers as well as through cooperation with environmental organisations and CSR networks. Our Climate Fund supports renewable energy projects in the developing world, aimed at alleviating energy poverty. Our Environmental fund finances restoration projects in damaged river ecosystems.


Developing tools to empower consumers

In many parts of the world, the role of consumers in the energy market is very limited. It is impossible or difficult to choose green energy or to actively contribute to the energy transition. EKOenergy is involved in the development of instruments that give consumers more options. Some of our most important achievements are:

  • We made significant contributions to the development of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. We have made a summary with country specific information in 19 languages.
  • We were one of the first to endorse I-REC, the international standard for renewable energy certificates. I-REC enables energy tracking outside Europe and the US and we were amongst the first to work with the standard in countries like China and Brazil.
  • We have developed a lot of information material about green energy in general and about the purchase of renewable electricity in particular. Many of our publications are available in a number of different languages. For example, our online course ‘Green Power – buying renewable electricity for LEED and carbon accounting’, which we made in collaboration with LEED and the US Green Building Council and which is available in 4 languages. We keep producing information materials such as leaflets and articles in many other languages, thanks to our devoted volunteer translators.


Advocating for a 100% sustainable world

EKOenergy labelled energy is now available in over 40 different countries worldwide. A growing number of companies use our logo on their products to demonstrate their commitment to environmentally sustainable energy.

We are a member of Climate Action Network (Europe), the Global 100% RE Campaign and IRENA’s Coalition for Action. We have contributed to several papers and publications on the feasibility of a 100% renewable world and we support actions and campaigns against subsidies for fossil fuels.


Protecting biodiversity

People holding buckets next to a river during river restoration

We engage energy companies and energy consumers in regular discourse about the impact of energy production on nature. As a participant in the LIFE Freshabit project, we launched the website “hydropower’s nature” with lots of information on how hydropower impacts river ecosystems.

By using EKOenergy-ecolabelled energy, large corporate consumers make a link between their carbon reduction targets and their commitments to nature and biodiversity (“Business and biodiversity”).

We finance a range of projects that are aimed at promoting river biodiversity. For each MWh sold as EKOenergy hydropower, a contribution of at least 0.10 € (ten eurocents) is paid into EKOenergy’s Environmental Fund. These contributions are used to finance the removal of barriers to fish migration, to restore spawning grounds and much more. See our Environmental Fund page to learn more.


Clean energy projects for poverty alleviation

Solar panel being installed on roof of house in Kayin state, Myanmar
For each MWh of EKOenergy-labelled energy sold, a minimum of 0.10 € goes to our Climate Fund. With these contributions we finance new renewable energy projects (mainly solar energy projects) supporting sustainability and alleviating energy poverty. See our Climate Fund page to read more about the projects.


Help us do more

None of these results would be possible without the support of thousands of consumers of EKOenergy labelled electricity. You can help us do more by switching to EKOenergy labelled energy yourself and by convincing your friends and colleagues to do the same.


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