EKOenergija Jūsų įmonei

Map of world highlighting the countries in which EKOenergy is available
On the European market, companies can choose the electricity product they buy. European legislation is at the base of that choice, and an increasing number of organizations and standards are stimulating companies to use this freedom of choice to go for green electricity. See e.g. the CDP Technical notes on the Accounting of Scope 2 emissions.

On top of that, a network of European environmental organizations has agreed on a common European ecolabel for electricity: EKOenergy. EKOenergy is willing to help you to communicate about your green electricity purchase, and will help you to show how your purchase makes a difference.

Note that consumers of EKOenergy are free to communicate about their purchase. Consumers don’t need an agreement with EKOenergy to use the EKOenergy name and logo. However, the EKOenergy network will develop a code of conduct about how to use the logo. If you have doubts or questions, contact the EKOenergy Secretariat.