Fundo Ambiental

Voluntários a restaurar um rio num projecto financiado pelo Fundo do selo EKOenergia Finlandês.

Por cada Megawatt-hora comercializado como energia hidráulica EKOenergia, uma contribuição mínima de 0.10 € reverte para o Fundo Ambiental EKOenergia. O dinheiro do Fundo Ambiental EKOenergia é usado para financiar a implementação de projetos de requalificação de rios.

Os projetos financiados não são geridos pela EKOenergia. A EKOenergia pretende apoiar as dinâmicas existentes e juntar-se às iniciativas em curso.

We financed the first projects in 2015 and since then, we have financed 21 projects with a total sum of 398,200.00 €.


River stories: examples of financed river restoration projects


Map with all financed projects

Click on the icon in the top left of the map to see the full list of financed projects, to select all projects of a specific year and to see more information about the projects.

So far, most of the projects are in Finland, where most of the EKOenergy-labelled hydropower is being sold. We are looking forward to support nature and river ecosystems in many other countries too! Contact us for more information.


More information about the financed river projects

For more information and updates about the river restoration projects that are financed through our Environmental Fund: