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Our vision and mission

A green plug surrounded by illustrations of nature: birds, animals, plants, leaves, insects.

The world needs to start treating the climate crisis as a crisis. We need to act NOW to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to limit global warming to an absolute maximum increase of 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels.

This is the only way we can hope to preserve the range of ecosystems and species that make the world such a vibrant place in which to live. Keeping temperatures below 1.5 degrees is also crucial to helping eradicate poverty and in creating a better world for future generations.


Our vision

A world where energy is generated and consumed sustainably. Where we live with respect for nature and biodiversity, and where the UN Sustainable Development Goals have been achieved.


Our mission

To use our ecolabel as a tool to promote the most sustainable forms of energy and to raise funds for additional climate and biodiversity protection.

‘Deeds not words’ is our philosophy. Taking action in our own lives is the best way to achieve the major policy changes truly needed in society.

Our goals

  • Speeding up the transition to 100% renewable energy.
  • Increasing knowledge and discourse around renewable energy and biodiversity, amongst the public in general and amongst decision makers and large corporate consumers in particular.
  • Developing and promoting the EKOenergy label to encourage the sustainable generation of energy and to help consumers find such energy.
  • Protecting local ecosystems and restoring river habitats through our Environmental Fund.
  • Providing access to clean energy and alleviate energy poverty in developing countries through our Climate Fund.
  • Forming partnerships and cooperation with other environmental NGOs, so that our work complements each others’ efforts.
  • Helping to realise the Sustainable Development Goals.